Often we feel that we need to renegotiate our contract with Jesus. Big-time athletes and business executives do it all the time. They think they’re worth it. Well, we’re worth it, too! Our sinful nature wants to negotiate a better deal with Jesus – better seats of honor, more answers to our prayers, better health, increased pay, less tension, more peace. Listen to Pastor Zarling in his message titled, “No negotiating a Better Deal.” 

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Recorded at: The Chapel at Wisconsin Lutheran College

Recording Engineer: Todd A. Boettcher, CPBE

Liturgist: Rev. David Peters, Epiphany Evangelical Lutheran Church; Racine, WI

Choir Director: Marie Zellmer

Guest Speaker: Rev. Michael D. Zarling Epiphany Evangelical Lutheran Church; Racine, WI

Sermon Title: “No Negotiating a Better Deal” (Matthew 20:17-28)

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