On Christmas Day, we celebrate the birth of the Baby Jesus.  This is truly a time to celebrate, because we know that the prophecy of God is coming alive to provide hope for all of us that our Savior is born – the Savior who will remove our sins from us – so that one day we can be with Him in Heaven.  Hallelujah!  Praise God!  Our Savior is born!


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Recorded at: Trinity-Freistadt Lutheran Church

Recording Engineer: Todd A. Boettcher, CPBE

Liturgist: Rev. Thomas Schmitt, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, WI

Choir Director: Trudy Schmalz

Guest Speaker: Rev. Travis Schmidt, Chaplain, Tudor Oaks Retirement Community;  Mukwonago, Wisconsin

Sermon Title: “It’s A Boy!” (Luke 27)