Jesus said, “You are like salt for everyone on earth.”  Jesus here is talking about what salt was – and still is – used for.  Salt adds seasoning to food to make it more pleasing to the tongue and more edible.  Also, back in Jesus’ day salt was also used to preserve meat from spoiling.  What was Jesus trying to say by using salt as a metaphor?  Listen as Reverend Eggold speaks to the theme, “Being Salt for Jesus.”

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Recorded at: Trinity-Freistadt Lutheran Church

Recording Engineer: Todd A. Boettcher, CPBE

Liturgist: Rev. Thomas Schmitt, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, WI

Choir Director: Trudy Schmalz

Guest Speaker: Rev. Paul Eggold, Retired Hospital Chaplain;  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sermon Title: “Being Salt for Jesus” (Matthew 5:13)

Web Archivist: Brian Jaeger