Here's what you will find in the Contemporary category.

Each program has two announcers (co-hosts).  Each script was written by one of the hosts around a specific topic.  Music was selected, not because it was a current "hit," but rather because the lyrics reinforced the subject of the program. 

All programs originally aired on WKTI-FM radio in Milwaukee, but at various times were also broadcast on radio stations in Fond du Lac, WI, Fort Wayne, IN, St. Louis, MO,. 3 stations in the Philippine Islands (under the sponsorship of The Lutheran Hour of the Philippines), and worldwide on Armed Forces Radio Network.  Production of these programs was sponsored by the South Wisconsin District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

As we wait for the beginning of contemporary worship on LRCSonline, it's a good time to analyze the searches people are making in order to find this website. So far, those searches have not included contemporary services, but that will change. For now, let's look at some of the searches that have led people to clicking on the website in order to understand how our message can reach listeners. Your own church can do this by using Google's Webmaster Tools. You don't need a lot of technical ability or time, but if you have neither, Luthernet or Brave New Church can certainly help.

Top Searches and Analysis from last 90 days. Not in order of total searches.

lutheran radio church service - makes sense

lutheran radio - while we are not the official Lutheran radio, these are Lutheran services also found on the radio

lutheran sermon on luke 12 13-21 - We have it right here

sermon on luke 12 13-21 - same as above

dr joel last - sorry, we have Joel Pless

milwaukee lutheran home - That would be a great place for tuning in, though we do not have any articles about it

dr patrick ferry - here's a sermon from 2015

ephesians 1:16-23 - we have that verse

radio church - that's what we do

what does hosanna mean - Pastor Kelm explains here

christian radio milwaukee - probably looking for live radio, but we have a lot of archives

missouri synod lutheran church services online - there is no better place than right here

andrew steinke - three sermons; here's one

thomas kaul - two sermons; here's one

kroemer living - not sure if searcher was looking for this sermon or not

wisconsin evangelical lutheran synod - WELS services online here

a closer walk with jesus - lots of options in the archives - not our domain name, but close

michael zarling - this name is in many of the archives

gebelsee - similar to a pastor's name

wrjo 94.5 fm radio - we link out to the radio stations

adam sorenson - three sermons; here's one

thomas bauer - six sermons; here's one

1340 joy - another radio station that plays LRCS

luthernet - web design company

werl radio - another one of our radio stations

mark 10:13-16 for kids - not sure if the sermon is for kids, but it's about kids

lutheran church services online - exactly

christian wels - Lots of WELS sermons here

burgess - pastor's last name

mark 10:4 - lots of Mark, but not this one yet

"david peters" - "yes"

my luthernet - this is something completely different from Luthernet Web Design, but that's OK

peter wels - some pastors and references to Peter from WELS speakers

luke 12 49-53 sermon - here it is

wels questions and answers - this might be a feature someday, but just listening to the sermons will provide answers

listener support - yes, LRCSonline requires it

church radio - online

servicelistener - to Lutheran church services

dr christian pope - we've got Nathan Pope

john 13 31-35 - this is the one

god wels - both are mentioned frequently here

peace lutheran church - pastors from many churches are involved

lcms temple - I am unaware of such a building

rejoice that your name is written in heaven - find out more

church service - we have those in 30 minutes or less

wels radio - that's us

More searches without annotation:

jeffrey mueller

dr keith johnson

thomas piel

trinity freistadt

mark wangerin

david benning

robert gebel

church radio station

peter kelm

paul huebner

lutheran church service online

matthew vesey

thomas schmitt

pastor david peters

And the list literally goes on and on. It can help to know what people are looking for in order to make changes or add content. The more we add to this website, the more it will get found with searches, and the more people will hear the message.